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Roofing in Huddersfield – DPR Roofing

DPR Ltd provides a comprehensive range of professional roofing services in Huddersfield to both homes and businesses.

Our comprehensive range of Huddersfield roofing services includes:

  • General Roof Repairs
  • General Roof Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Roof Tile & Slate Replacement
  • Chimney Work
  • Flat Roofing
  • Lead Work
  • Pointing
  • Gutter Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Gutter & Drain Pipe Replacement
  • Rooflines: Fascias, Barge Boards & Soffits

DPR's roofing work in Huddersfield covers problems both big and small from Mirfield to Moldgreen via Fartown and Lockwood.

How it works

1. An experienced surveyor will visit your Huddersfield home or business free-of-charge to assess your roofing requirements.

2. DPR will photograph the section of roofing that requires repair or remedial work.

3. DPR will issue a detailed quote, usually within 48 hours, by post, email (or a combination of both) depending on customer preference and/or the urgency of the work. This roofing quote will include:

  • A description of the roofing problem
  • Photographic evidence the roof damage
  • Details of the remedial work that is required
  • A cost

4. If you agree to move ahead with our Huddersfield roofing services, DPR will arrange a time that suits both parties and confirm how long the roofing work will take to complete.

5. Finally, you will also be made of any aware other considerations. This could include access or even scaffolding, which DPR Ltd will provide as part of the cost.

Reputation is everything

DPR Ltd is a fully licensed, insured and qualified roofing company with an up-to-date health and safety policy. We are also members of the main industry governing bodies, including the NFRC (National Federation of Roofing Contractors), FMB (Federation of Master Builders) and Construction Line.

If you are at all worried about employing the services of a contractor to do roofing in Huddersfield we will be happy to show you copies of our certification and policy documents.

If you need further confirmation please check out our testimonial page or the news section, both of which outline recent DPR projects. Alternatively, on request, we can also provide you with photographic examples of other Huddersfield roofing work.

Insurance considerations

If you have a Huddersfield roofing problem, it may be covered by your buildings insurance. If that is the case, DPR Ltd can work directly with an insurance provider, taking the headache out of the process for you and ensuring that you get your roof repaired quickly and efficiently. See our 'insurance guide' for more.

For all your roofing requirements in Huddersfield call DPR today.

Roofing HuddersfieldRoofing Huddersfield

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How soon will I get my quote?
A. faqOnce we have carried out a full survey of your property we will send you a detailed quote within 48 hours.faq
Q. Are you insured?
A. faqYes. DPR Roofing Leeds are fully covered for public and employers liability.faq
Q. Is your work guaranteed?
A. faqAll work is guaranteed. The guarantee length is dependent on the type of work being undertaken and range from 1 year to 10 years. Please ask for more details.faq
Q. Can we buy equipment from you?
A. faqWhilst we provide the roofing materials for work we carry out, we are not a stockists of roofing materials and thus you cannot buy roofing supplies from ourselves and do it yourself.faq
Q. Do you sub contract your work out?
A. faqNo all of DPR's team are professionally qualified in all areas of roofing work and therefore we have no need to sub contract. We only sub contract when any additional work requires a specialist professional e.g. electrician etc.faq
Q. What if the weather is bad on the date of my works?
A. faqThe safety of our staff and your property is extremely important to DPR and therefore we would postpone any work until a more suitable day.faq
Q. Do I need to take time off work?
A. faqFor your initial survey it may be necessary for us to have access to the inside of your property e.g. to look at leak areas. However any external works where access is not required would not need you to be present.faq
Q. How long will the job take?
A. faqRepairs are usually completed within a day and renewals can be a number of days. DPR will provide you with an accurate works completion date after the survey is undertaken.faq
Q. Can we pay by credit or debit card over the phone?
A. faqYes. We take all forms of paymentfaq
Q. When are you open for business?
A. faqWe are open from 6am to 5pm Monday-Thursday (6am to 4pm on Fridays) for office enquiries and 7 days a week for emergency works. We offer 24 hour emergency assistance.faq
Q. Do you carry out insurance works?
A. faqYes we carry out insurance works for all the major providers.faq
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DPR Latest News

Joined at the Hip: Terrace & Semi-Detached House Roof Repairs Explained


Terraced and semi-detached properties have their advantages. It’s easier to heat your home, with fewer external-facing walls, for example. However, things can become complicated when it comes to the join between the homes. Over-stretching trees or bushes, poorly maintained garden fences and – of course – too much noise, are all common issues between neighbours. However, arguably the trickiest is the roof. How do you go about having your roof repaired if it could interfere with your neighbour’s property? Keep reading as we discuss the ins and outs of adjoining roofs.

The importance of roof joins

Your roof needs to protect your property from the weather all year round. As well as the main roof covering, this means any joins need to be watertight. It’s no use having a watertight covering if water can seep into both properties through gaps where the two properties meet. To create this watertight join, roofers will need to overlap tiles with those on the adjoining roof. This is the preferred option when using the same kind of roofing material. However, in other cases, the flashing or a bonding gutter can be used to stop water ingress between the two properties.

Getting your neighbour’s permission

Even the smallest break between the two roofs will lead to water ingress and leaks. This will no doubt create more problems for you and your neighbours, with a potential risk to lives if water gets into your electrics. Needless to say, it’s best to tackle the problem head on and talk about any roof repairs or a roof replacement with your neighbours before work begins. Explain the work that needs doing and how your roofers will need to break into their roof to create a watertight join. With their permission, there will be no problems in the future.

Leaks from neighbouring properties

Another issue is that you might find water leaking into your home from your neighbour’s property. This can be complicated as you need to get the owner to admit liability, get the problem fixed and, most importantly, pay for it. The first step is to get a professional inspection. There’s no use creating friction between you and your neighbours if you’re not 100% sure about the problem. In most cases, the leak will be coming from either the roof or their pipes. Arrange a survey from a reputable roofing contractor and plumber to determine the source of the leak.

Roofing contractors in Huddersfield

When you’re in need of a roof inspection, you want a company that you can trust. DPR Roofing in Huddersfield has over 29 years’ experience in roofing, so we know exactly what to look for when it comes to leaks, roof damage or even guttering problems. Contact our team today to get the ball rolling with a thorough survey of your property.Read More
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